Ramana S.Venkata

Post-Doctoral Researcher



PhD in Environmental Science and Technology, IICT, India, 2007

Post Graduation in Environmental Sciences, NU, India, 1999

Research Activities

Bioelectricity production from wastewater using Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC). The proposed project is based on producing the energy using wastewater as substrate in anaerobic bioreactor during the process of treatment. In my study aimed to biotic cathode microbial fuel cell (enrichment of cathode bacteria) performance evaluation of long term operation and calculated to the power density and treatment efficiency. This approach facilitates treatment of wastewater in addition to renewable energy production ultimately leading to reducing pollution load on environment. Production of “bioelectricity” from waste substrates such as domestic and industrial wastewater is one of the best possible alternatives and economical approach for renewable energy production. This approach has double-edged benefits facilitates both wastewater treatment and bioelectricity generation from renewable sources.

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