Dragana Barros

Post-doctoral student





PhD in Biotechnology, IST, 2010

Work in industry as engineer, 1999-2004

Pos-graduation in Biotechnology, University of Belgrade,1999.
Graduation in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, University of Belgrade, 1997.



Research Activities

The success of ATPS in the efficient generation of bench-scale prototype processes with commercial application has been reported for the recovery of a large number of biopharmaceutical products. A key factor of these systems is that they can be easily scaled-up from laboratory scale to industrial scale. Nevertheless, detailed models to predict the partitioning brhavior of both target product and contaminants based on solute-solvent interactions are currently lacking. My my current research focus is to determine and develop efficient model to predict the chemical and physical interaction involved in partition of biomolecules, using as a model aqueous two-phase system. Special attention is given to molecular modeling studies.

Applied biocatalysis, specially in the aroma compounds synthesis, is also subject of my research interest including development of green reaction media (miniemulsion) and the bioseparation of the product.


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