Nuria Lopes Nuria Lopes

Master Student




Analyst at Sidefarma, 2009-present

Analyst at HIKMA, 2007-2009
Graduation in Marine Biology and Biotecnology, ESTM-IPL, 2007


Research Activities


The goal of this work is to address the problematic recovery of mAbs by developing an innovative and cost effective process based on a new capture step using phenyl boronate (PB) chromatography. PB ligands are able to bind cis-diol containing molecules (eg glycoproteins), and have been used to capture mAbs directly from complex media. The conditions that allow the selective adosorption from a CHO cell culture supernatant are being evaluated, including buffer compostion, ionic strengh and pH. Elution is being triggered by the addition a competitive diol, among which manitol, sorbitol and tris are being evaluated and combined.

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