Rimenys Junior Rimenys Junior Carvalho

PhD student

(MIT|Portugal bioengineering

PhD Program)



Advanced Studies Course on

BioEngineering, MIT|Portugal Program, 2010
M. Sc. in Biotechnology/Bioprocess, USP/Instituto Butantan, 2009
Graduation in Biochemical Engineering, EEL/USP, 2006

Research Activities


After the approval of several Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) for use as drug for therapies and vaccination, a huge market in the healthcare came out. However, the growth of mAbs market has been declining since 2003 which is requiring a reduction of the mAb’s cost. The process production of mAbs is so expensive that increases a lot the final cost of the product. Protein A chromatography is the mainly responsible for this high cost in the process production, only this purification step is responsible for around 50 % of total cost of the process. Therefore, new options of ligands for mAbs purification have been studied in order to replace Protein A and phenyl boronic acid came as a lower cost and possible applicant since it has higher affinity by cis-diol groups which are presents in glycoprotein and other molecules. Other strategy in other to obtain an efficient and faster process is using a monolith support for chromatography which can diminish the time consuming of the process and also the number of purification steps. Thus, combining these strategies we expect to obtain a promising mAbs purification process as efficient as the established process currently used, which has also a lower cost and is amenable to scale-up.

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