Ana Gabriela Gomes

PhD Student




Research assistant in Plant Development Group, IGC, 2005-2006
Graduation in Biological Engineering, IST, 2005


Research Activities


My research is focused on the affinity purification of nucleic acids for DNA vaccination and gene therapy.  The therapeutic strategy underlying gene therapy relies upon the introduction of nucleic acids in cells in order to modify or complement their genetic repertoire, besides stimulating immune responses (vaccination) or interfere with transcription/translation events. Although whole genes can be delivered to target cells by viral and non-viral vectors, due to safety concerns raised by the latter ones, non-viral pDNA vectors constitute a safer option for gene transfer system. The advent of gene therapy has enormously increased the interest in nucleic acid-based medicines. The increasing number of gene therapy applications in clinical trials is creating a need for large amounts of highly purified nucleic acids (e.g pDNA, gDNA, oligonucleotides). This demand is expected to increase as the first products reach the market.

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