Marilia Mateus

Assistant Professor



PhD inChemical Engineering, IST, 1994

MSc in Biotechnology (Biochemical Engineering),

IST, 1988

Research Assistant, IST, 1897-1990

Research assistant, Instituto National de Engenharia

e Tecnologia Industrial (INETI), 1985-1986
Graduation in Chemical Engineering, IST, 1984


Research Activities


My research is strongly focused on the purification of therapeutic plasmid-DNA molecules through membrane-based hydrophobic interaction chromatography (membrane-HIC).  Membrane adsorbers combine high processing flow rates with good binding capacities, leading to faster processes when related to conventional chromatography. The development and characterization of membranes for HIC of plasmid-DNA is going on. Also addressed are the strategies for purifying plasmid-DNA from selectively precipitated supernatants of lysed microbial suspensions with membrane stacks, the therapeutic plasmid being eluted free from RNA contaminants. Further developments aim at the fractionation of plasmid-DNA isoforms by membrane-HIC.

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