José Santos

Assistant Professor




Teaching Assistant, IST, 1985-1996

PhD in Biotecnology, IST, 1996

MSc in Biochemical Engineering, IST, 1988

Graduation in Biology, University of Coimbra, 1989


Research Activities


My current research is focused on plasmid DNA (pDNA) manufacturing processes (production, separation, purification, quality control and monitoring) for application in gene therapy or DNA vaccination. The utilization of membrane processes (ultra and microfiltration) and the development of alternative methods (sonication and microfluidization) to alkaline lysis for plasmid release are under research. For improving the efficiency and the yields of these processes, studies on pDNA compaction and protection against high shear stress processes are being performed.
The use of nanoparticles systems for plasmid delivery as well as the development of alternative microbial GRAS (generally recognized as safe) platforms for pDNA production will be others goals of my future research.

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