Carlos Rodrigues

Post-Doctoral Researcher

PhD (MIT|Portugal Program), 2011
Advanced Studies Course on BioEngineering,
MIT|Portugal Program, 2008
M.Sc. in Biological Engineering, IST, 2007
B.Sc. in Biological Engineering, IST, 2005

Research Activities

My research at SCBL focuses on the development and operation of bioreactor culture systems for the large-scale ex-vivo expansion and controlled differentiation of stem cells. Both neural stem cells (NSC) and embryonic stem cells (ESC) will be tested as models. The generation of homogeneous populations of NS cells and their further differentiation into mature neural phenotypes allows their potential use for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, neural drug screening and also gene therapy settings.
Although it is anticipated that a large number of cells will be required for those applications, the large-scale expansion and controlled differentiation of stem cells on bioreactors have major biological and technological hurdles that need to be overcame and that is the main goal of my project.

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