Frederico Ferreira

Assistant Professor


Research Assistant, Institute of Materials and Surface Science and Engineering, IST, 2008-2009.
Post-Doc Researcher, Departamento de Química, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2006-2008.
Master in Business and Administration, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa/Faculdade de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, 2008;
PhD in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, Imperial College London, 2004;
Graduation in Química Aplicada (Major in Chemistry, Minor in Biotechnology), Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (FCT), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1999.

Research Activities

My current and future research interests at the SCBL-RM are on tailoring biomaterials to support stem cell cultivation and design of new reactors and processes for stem cells bioengineering and bio separations. At the moment, I am particularly involved on the manufacture of nanofiber scaffolds to mimic aspects of the extracellular matrix, promoting cell-cell and cell-material interactions and cellular adhesion

I find the projects built on the interface between different scientific fields particularly rewarding; since they usually lead to significant knowledge advances and scientific/technological impacts. Therefore, my research often requires the learning of different techniques and methods used in chemical, biological and tissue engineering, organic chemistry, (bio) catalysis, and material science. My past research was focused on applying membrane technology and developing hybrid processes for difficult separations. The followed research strategy was a combination of theoretical mathematical analyses with experimental validation; resulting in practical, sustainable and economically interesting technological applications. Applying such approaches on developing new technologies on the field of regenerative medicine and bio applications is particularly inspiring for me.

Selected publications

G. Székely, J. Bandarra, W. Heggie, B. Sellergren, F.C. Ferreira “A hybrid approach to reach stringent low genotoxic impurity contents in active pharmaceutical ingredients: Combining molecularly imprinted polymers and organic solvent nanofiltration for removal of 1,3-diisopropylurea”, Separation and Purification Technology, 86 (15) (2012) 79–87

R.Valadez-Blanco, F.C. Ferreira, R.F. Jorge, A.G. Livingston “A membrane bioreactor for biotransformations of hydrophobic molecules using organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) membranes” Journal of Membrane Science, 317 (2008) 50–64

J.C. Dias, F.C. Ferreira, H.G. Ferreira, T.F. Moura “A mathematical model of the diluting power of the cortical Thick Ascending Limb (cTAL) of the loop of Henle”, Journal of Membrane Biology, 214 (1-2) (2006) 59-73

Y.H. See-Toh, F.C. Ferreira, A.G. Livingston “The influence of membrane formation parameters on the functional performance of organic solvent nanofiltration membranes” J Membrane Sci, 299 (1-2) (2007) 236-250

F.C. Ferreira, L.G. Peeva, A. Boam, S. Zhang, A.G. Livingston, “Pilot scale application of the Membrane Aromatic Recovery System (MARS) for recovery of phenol from resin production condensates”, Journal of Membrane Science, 257-1/2 (2005) 120-133

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