Márcia Mata

Ph.D. Student


M.Sc. in Biological Engineering, IST, 2011
Graduation in Biological Engineering, IST, 2009

Research Activities

The main objective of my work is the development of isolation, characterization and further GMP-compliant ex vivo expansion schemes of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) by the systematic delineation of novel approaches of stem cell bioengineering, to be used in the treatment of ischemic disease.

My aim is the implementation of a full in vitro characterization platform of EPCs based on the angiogenic-related secretory profile will be performed. In addition, a rational optimization of the expansion of EPC featuring both biochemical (cytokines, O2) and mechanical (shear stress) cues will be pursued. Optimal culture parameters will be further integrated in larger, scalable, highly-controlled and monitored GMP-compliant bioreactor culture systems. The methods delineated throughout my project are expected to further elucidate the specific EPCs neo-angiogenic mechanisms while contributing for the establishment of the high-yield, cost-effective and safe production of EPC for angiogenic cellular therapy to be used in the settings of peripheral artery disease.


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