I.Filipa Ferreira

PhD student

(MIT|Portugal bioengineering

PhD Program)



Advanced Studies Course on

BioEngineering, MIT|Portugal Program, 2008
M. Sc. in Biochemical Engineering/ Biotechnology, IST, 2007

Graduation in Biological Engineering, College of Biotechnology, UCP, 2004


Research Activities


The new regulations to lower sulfur content in fossil fuels require new economic and efficient methods for desulfurization of recalcitrant organic sulfur. Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) is a chemical process used in the refinery industry to remove sulfur from fuel. Nevertheless HDS has several disadvantages such as the inability to completely remove heterocyclic organosulfur at a feasible cost. My research work is on biodesulfurization, BDS, a process that uses microorganisms as the catalyst for fuel desulfurization. This process can overcome the HDS limitations and emerge as a prominent technology for the successful desulfurization of crude oil. In this project we aim at the design of a microbial desulfurization bioreactor that is both technically and economically feasible ensuring that its operations are scalable for commercial production and manufacturing. 

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