Nuno Lourenço

Post-Doctoral Researcher



Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, FCT-UNL, 2008

Graduation in Chemistry, FCT-UNL, 2001

Research Activities

The development of new protein-ionic-conducting-based materials with tailor-made properties can open a window of opportunity for new applications in chemistry and biology, namely in electrochemical analysis. For instance, in the field of biosensors, a considerable research effort has been put into the development of amperometric biosensors ensuring efficient direct electron transfer between the enzyme and the transducer. However, attempts to fulfil that goal have met with relatively little success as regards the long-term operational and storage stability of the enzymes, with the exception of the Glucose strips. In this way, the main goal of the present proposal is to develop a more efficient direct electron transfer materials based on the combination of ionic cross-link of gelatine with Ionic Liquids (IL’s) and enzymes. These materials should be applied in design of new amperometric biosensors.

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